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Richard Paul Robinson was born on the 6th December 1961 in the United Kingdom in a spa town we now call Royal Leamington Spa

#Link - ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Leamington_Spa-  England)

Richard Paul Robinson is the third child of four children that his Jamacian parents who are both now deceased had. As a child he was often seen as mischeavous one but the smart cleaver one, who was a popular and a most likeable person, Most people who knows him often call him by his middle Paul.

Richard Paul Robinson was given his name richard from his dad which also happend to be the name of his grandfarther who had died in jamaica some years earlier. his middle name paul was given to him by his mother, no explenation as to why he was called paul has been forthcoming, 

Richard Paul Robinson's family sold their family home in Royal Leamington Spa, where they had been living since coming to the United Kingdom from Jamaica in 1958 and then moved to wawrick then sold that place and relocated again in Coventry, during this period richard's maternal grandfarther Richard Robinson who's name he was given at birth died in JAMAICA.


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